• APTIQ Global offers integrated professional services in all relevant areas of a company’s life


  • Through APTIQ Valuation it will also offer complex valuation services


Bucharest, June 18th 2024 – APTIQ Global announced the consolidation of its team in Romania and expanding its integrated services offering by affiliating FairValue under the APTIQ Valuation brand. APTIQ Valuation provides valuation services for businesses, real estate, machinery and equipment, intangible assets and financial instruments. These areas will be integrated in the full package of services offered by the compliance department – legal, accounting, tax, human resources, audit and M&A and business advisory departments. APTIQ Global has a diverse client portfolio of local and international companies in diverse industries, among which financial services, construction and real estate, healthcare, IT&C, renewable energy.

“One of the main pillars of this partnership is to identify and collaborate on sophisticated projects aimed at integrating specific business, tax and legal advisory skills on the one hand, and business valuation (in all its forms) on the other. We plan to work together on projects that require a multidisciplinary approach, combining the extensive experience of APTIQ Global specialists with the strategic insights and pragmatic, results-oriented approach of Fair Value to best meet the increasingly complex demands of our clients in Romania and abroad”, said Anuța Stan, Senior Partner of APTIQ Valuation.
“This affiliation is a significant milestone in our plans to develop a European hub, which will function as a centre of excellence for integrated services, bringing together experts from various fields, facilitating knowledge sharing and promoting flexible, adaptable and highly pragmatic business solutions,” said Andreas Ludl, Chairman of the Executive Board at APTIQ Global and Managing Partner of APTIQ Global GSA.
“APTIQ Global’s mission is to support our clients in adapting to rapid changes in the market, to the specifics of their industries and to provide them with fast and efficient access to relevant resources and know-how so that they can gain or, as the case may be, maintain a competitive advantage,” added Remus Ene, Managing Partner of APTIQ Global’s Romania office.
APTIQ Global offers integrated, “one-stop shop” advisory services in all relevant areas of a company’s life: legal, M&A, audit, tax and accounting, IT, HR, valuation. The company has an entrepreneurial structure, incorporating partnerships with experienced professionals in these fields and since last year has initiated its development both in Romania and Europe. In Romania, APTIQ Global aims to strengthen its central team but also to expand its presence locally, in the country’s most important cities, by co-opting local partners with the same vision and business philosophy.

The partnership between APTIQ Global and FairValue through the creation of APTIQ Valuation is an important step towards a future where business consulting is not just about maintaining the status quo, but redefining it through innovation and collaboration.


About APTIQ Global: 

APTIQ Global is a one-stop shop consultancy network organisation providing a full package of professional services across the business lifecycle. APTIQ Global offers integrated legal, tax and valuation, mergers and acquisitions, consulting and management and project management services in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia, with plans for growth and expansion aimed at co-opting specialists with significant experience in these areas to strengthen the network with integrated teams.

About FairValue Consulting:

FairValue Consulting is a market leader in the field of valuations, recognized for its role of redefining the standards in this industry. With a large-sized talented team and national coverage, FairValue has acquired wide experience over the years in the valuation of real estate, machinery and equipment, businesses, intangible assets and financial instruments. Founded in 2005, FairValue provides professional valuation and financial advisory services and is a corporate member of ANEVAR and RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).