Energy and Natural Resources

The future of this industry is increasingly shaped by people’s awareness of the environment. The willingness to forego things like plastic, meat or one’s own car shows the increased confrontation with climate change. The energy industry must find answers to this. And always keep an eye on the energy transition with its particular challenges in renewable energies and the achievement of climate targets. Digitization plays a decisive role here, as this is the only way to network the systems and process the data. The path will lead through the development, implementation and operation of smart energy IoT solutions.


In 2021 we will see these energy tech trends in particular: The Hydrogen Boom is still in full swing, the offering of complex overall solutions from a single source, the expansion of the infrastructure for electric vehicles, the development and use of big tech solutions, riding the Chinese wave of electric vehicles and clean e-commerce supply chains. M&A activities in this industry will be shaped by a long-term adjustment of corporate strategies, which will lead to the sale of assets and strategic acquisitions. The value creation opportunities in mergers and acquisitions will, among other things, show in the field of digitization. Decarbonization will continue to drive investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and AI for utilities and water management. We also see cross-sectoral or technology-driven transactions, particularly in the areas of AI and big data.


We are very familiar with the challenges in this industry. We are happy to support you in the preparation and implementation of business in this business area and pay special attention to the identification of added value and of course the precise implementation of the corresponding business structures.


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