Family Offices

Managing the assets and wealth of a family is an activity with a long history, even if not in the form that we have come to know it presently. Moreover, it is a complex and particular endeavor. Apart from the constant challenges implied by overseeing and administrating complex business affairs, spread across many industries and covering a variety of interests, Family Offices have specific traits: they are very personal in nature and their main purpose is to increase wealth across generations.


The operations of a modern Family Office may cover activities ranging from real estate management, legal and tax matters, complex investment strategies to the more personal succession planning. The globalization of the economy combined with stricter regulatory constraints across jurisdictions has made the activity of Family Offices even more required and sought after by Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.


Our Wealth Management professionals, supported by other highly skilled members of our interdisciplinary teams, can counsel and guide Ultra High Net Worth Individuals in the complex process of setting up a successful Family Office while, at the same time, we can assist already established Family Offices with their complex their day-to-day activity. Thanks to in-depth knowledge and extensive practical experience in jurisdictions with a long tradition in operating Family Offices, we offer practical tailored solutions to the increasing challenges that Family Offices face in a volatile and environment


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