The construction industry is facing major challenges. Regardless of the current slight advantage in the public sector, this branch has to face a variety of challenges: digital revolution in the construction value chain, sustainable and green building (GreenTech), increased sales and earnings pressure for manufacturers due to the corona pandemic, which in particular is due to an optimization of go-to-market and digitization in sales, increased efficiency, diversification and expansion of the product portfolio must be counteracted, as well as execution efficiency through modularization and prefabrication.


For companies in the construction industry, this opens up various strategies depending on their size and business model. Not acting is not a recommended option for any construction company. Timely and future-oriented orientation is a guarantee for profitable growth also in the future. Specialization, the rounding off of the range of services or entry into related industries should always be kept in mind.


We advise and support you in a successful future, regardless of whether you are an international construction company, a broad-based medium-sized company, a regional construction company, a special construction company or a specialist in the field of building technology. Together with you, we work out the possible strategic directions and check whether they are relevant for your company. In this way, you can identify relevant future trends in good time and correctly assess their potential for your business model and derive individual fields of action and options.


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