Craft companies

Crafts are and will remain the backbone of medium-sized businesses. Craft businesses have already carried out sustainable further development in recent years through the use of new tools such as drones, 3D printers, cobots and software solutions to optimize operations and position their own company as a brand. The corona pandemic is also showing its effects in this sector of the economy and will accelerate the “Craftsmanship Trend Map” towards the future. In this way, a company’s commitment to health, the “New Normal”, becomes an advertising message – implemented in particular by Remote Working, Touchless Technology, Distance Disco and Remote Support. These trends are complemented by cost cutting, a commitment to anti-racism and the increased use of tools such as video conferencing.


Location-independent work and the use of contactless tools will not only give companies additional scope for action in their operations, but ultimately also new markets. The craft sector therefore has a wide range of options at its disposal to further develop the business and to position itself well for future success.


Our long-standing passion and connection with the craft businesses offers you optimal conditions to implement strategically important issues such as dealing with customers and employees, the use of technologies and the social positioning of your company together with us.


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