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It is without a doubt that technology in general, and Information Technology, in particular, has changed and modeled the world we live in.

Current multi-functional devices allow for constant connection between individuals and almost instant access to a wealth of knowledge and information. At the same time, busines, government, health, travel and, in recent time, even education have been affected by the digital transformation.


The staggering rate of adoption of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence will, undoubtedly, exponentially accelerate the transformation that we are witnessing. But the astonishing pace at which the transformation is happening in recent years has taken many companies and individuals by surprise. Not all changes brought by technology are beneficial for individuals. There is an increasing number of experts who sound the alarm that constant use of modern technology affects the attention span and focusing of individuals, with a high impact on the decision-making process. As with other aspects of our lives, moderation is paramount.


On the business side, while the afflux of technology has brought an increase in efficiency and output, it is without a doubt that it has disrupted traditional businesses and activities. Companies with a long-established tradition have seen their activity dwindling and their business model put to the test. For example, traditional mass media companies now face fierce competition from social networks, streaming platforms and other digital media networks. The increase of multimedia devices paired with stable high speed internet access has shifted consumer preference from traditional media outlets to content on demand, be it information, entertainment or social activity.


In order to survive, companies need to adapt. APTIQ Technology offers complete digitalisation services for your organization. We apply technology in a smart way in order to help you achieve your business objectives. Innovation and cost optimization at the same time


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