The change in mobility with increasing urbanization and already visible climate change as well as ever new technological developments will result in far-reaching changes for our mobility. New drive concepts (electric mobility), assistance systems and autonomous driving as well as completely new ways for environmentally friendly and resource-saving mobility require extensive training. With an expected share of more than 50% electric vehicles for new vehicles from 2030, the change is already predetermined. In the future, software and data will become a source of energy for vehicles and thus a new driving force for vehicles.

Automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers must be able to cope with this disruptive change. In addition to the will to change, clear concepts are required in order to keep up and be competitive in the end. This will not work without future-oriented strategies and new, adapted business models. With great passion and expertise, we advise and accompany well-known automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers on the implementation of the necessary strategic orientation and future-oriented market positioning in order to ultimately achieve a sustainable increase in the value of their products. In addition to specific technological requirements, we always keep an eye on industry-specific strategic change potentials.


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