Real Estate

Throughout history real estate has been an industry which was fundamental for social development. In modern times, it is still one of the pillars of economic growth, directly affecting the evolution of national economies.


The real estate industry covers all facets of property owning, from acquisition, permitting, development and appraisal to selling, leasing and management of properties.


Investment in real estate has known a constant increase in the past period, despite some temporary setbacks. Moreover, even in time of crisis, real estate is still seen as a safe harbor as people will always need homes and office spaces are a mandatory requirement for any reputable business. The recent health crisis has slightly altered the ratio between residential and office space requirements and this trend will probably continue for a while, but investments in this sector are still significant.


While some brick-and-mortar businesses have put a stop on development plans under constant pressure from online competitors (which saw an unprecedent boost), there is a renewed interest in industrial and logistics investments.


Our team of specialists combines in-depth knowledge of the industry with extensive expertise in the sector, ensuring imaginative, modern and expert solutions for our clients. By harnessing new technologies and innovative processes and applying best practices in the sector, we are a trusted advisor throughout all phases of real estate development of our clients.


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