The global health market is certainly one of the fastest growing and changing future markets. In addition to many other future trends in health care such as Telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence Against COVID-19, The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), Privacy Issues, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, the market for mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare sector is developing dynamically. In particular, the number of transactions with private equity firms has increased significantly. This group of buyers is specifically looking for investments in nursing and outpatient care.


The constantly increasing expenditure in the health sector, the aging population and the persistent phase of low interest rates make investments in the health sector particularly attractive. In addition, the health market is largely independent of the economy and other fluctuations and also offers great potential for consolidation. This trend towards market consolidation is particularly strong in the care sector.


We have been active in this extremely interesting market segment for a long time and are happy to advise you, be it as an established market participant or as someone who has become curious and would like to participate in this long-term attractive market.


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